Rules / Regulations

Mashpee Dog Park
Rules and Regulations

1. The Park is open from dawn to dusk
2. No smoking allowed
3. All Dogs must be legally licensed and have a current rabies vaccination
4. All dogs must be leashed upon entering and leaving the off-leash dog areas
5. Dogs in heat or younger than 4 months are not allowed in the park
6. Dogs must be removed at first sign of aggression to other dogs or humans
7. The owner / custodian of the dog must remain in the dog area with the dog
8. No more than 4 dogs per owner / custodian at any time
9. Dog feces must be cleaned up by the dog owner or custodian
10. Holes dug by dogs must be filled by the dog owner or custodian
11. No pronged training collars or choke chains allowed
12. No glass containers or food of any kind permitted in the park
13. Use of training treats is prohibited
14. Owners / custodians of the dog must be at least 16 years of age
15. Children under the age of 10 years old are not permitted in the fenced area for safety reasons
16. The dog park is closed when DPW personnel are conducting maintenance.
17. Violators are subject to removal and/or exclusion from the dog park
18. Owners / custodians are responsible for all actions of their dogs
19. Owners / custodians and their dogs enter upon their own risk
20. Violators of these rules and regulations should be reported to Mashpee Police / Animal Control Officer, 508-539-1480

This park is made available in accordance with laws governing recreational use (M.G.L. Chapter 21 Section 17c)

The Town of Mashpee does not assume responsibility for injuries or damage to personal property

Per Order,

The Mashpee Board of Selectmen

April 17, 2015