Rules / Regulations

Town of Mashpee
Rules and Regulations

The Mashpee Dog Park is provided for recreational use only in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 21, Section 17C. No other use is allowed.

The Town of Mashpee is not liable for any injuries or damages. Users of the Mashpee Dog Park and the enclosed Off-Leash Recreation Area (OLRA) do so at their own risk and are solely responsible for any injuries or damages caused by their dogs.

While at the park, please abide by the following rules to ensure a safe and healthy experience for you, your dog, and other users of the park. The Town of Mashpee may ban individual dogs or people from the park at any time for any reason.

General Rules:
• Hours of Operation: Daily, Dawn to Dusk
• Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the park
• Food, alcohol, and glass containers are not allowed
• Discarding household items or disposal of household trash is not allowed
• Children under 12 years of age are not allowed inside the OLRA
• Bicycles, carriages, and strollers are not allowed inside the OLRA
• No commercial activities or solicitation are allowed
• No loitering is allowed

• MUST be at least four months old
• MUST be leashed when outside the OLRA
• MUST be healthy and free of contagious diseases or parasites
• MUST be within view and under voice control of handler at all times
• MUST be licensed, vaccinated, and wear identification tags at all times
• MUST NOT wear prong, pinch, or choke collars when inside the OLRA

• MUST be at least 16 years of age
• MUST provide supervision to guests under age 16
• MUST have possession of leash/lead at all times
• MUST keep gates closed except when entering or exiting
• MAY NOT bring dogs in heat into the park
• MAY NOT bring animals other than dogs into the park
• MAY NOT bring more than 4 dogs into the park at one time
• MAY NOT have training treats outside the Training Area
• MUST IMMEDIATELY stop dogs from digging, and fill in any holes
• MUST IMMEDIATELY clean up after dogs, and encourage others to do the same
• MUST IMMEDIATELY remove problem dogs (aggressive behavior, excessive barking, mounting) WITHOUT DEBATE

All incidents, injuries or inappropriate conduct, by dogs or people, should be immediately reported to:
Mashpee Police / Animal Control, 508-539-1480

Per order, the Mashpee Board of Selectmen

Mashpee Dog Park Rules & Regulations, revised April 01, 2018